Public Display of Achievement

There is no set level of proficiency that all students are expected to reach by the end of the MAET journey. Instead, each of you is expected to take the initiative to seek out opportunities to develop your individual technology knowledge and skills. We expect you to take advantage of these opportunities and to make significant growth in your technology proficiency throughout the program. Evaluation of your growth in technological proficiency will be based on this assignment, which will serve as a showcase of your MAET experience.

MSU policy requires that all masters programs administer a certifying examination. For some programs, the examination is a sit-down test. In other cases, the exam may be a thesis or project. Basically, the final evaluation is an opportunity for the students to demonstrate a level of knowledge and proficiency befitting someone with a masters degree. In our program, the certifying examination is a chance to demonstrate qualities that exemplify the knowledge and dispositions of an MSU MAET graduate.

This can be done in two overarching ways – the PDA can be an expression of the journey OR a demonstration of your best work.  Think of it in these terms – if someone Googles your name – what do you want them to find?

We will scaffold you through this portfolio process – from the selection of software/platform all the way to the final reflection.


Work worth saving (gathering digital assets)

You are to identify both previous and current work that you are working on that would be a valuable addition to your personal portfolio.  The work you identify will serve as content for your PDA and will be considered asset items that will showcase your growth and your expertise in educational technology.

Software/Platform selection

In this stage you should identify which software and or platform you are going to use for your PDA.  It is not required that you create a “new” portfolio, you may choose to expand or continue to use an existing portfolio.  If you are going to create a new portfolio for your PDA you will want to select and experiment with your software/platform choice to become familiar with how to publish within that environment.

Examples: WordPress, iWeb, Blogspot, edublogs, custom HTML, wikispaces, etc.

Exploring past portfolios

A valuable step in creating your PDA is to evaluate other portfolios.  You may choose to look at other MAET portfolios from past years, or at any other professional portfolio you may find.  Pay attention to the details and features you think work well, and learn from those that you think do not work well.  It would be valuable to document what you like and even what you do not, this will help you lay out a “Site map” or site plan to use to develop your PDA.  This step is not intended for you to emulate an existing portfolio, but rather to become inspired to be creative and to showcase your PDA in a way that reflects you and your technological proficiency.


About / Bio section

Who are you? What are your areas of expertise? What are you passionate about?  Use this section to set the tone of your PDA.  This section will give you voice to all those that visit your PDA.  If someone Googles your name, what will they see?

Résumé /CV

This will serve as an official record of your expertise and a solid professional asset.

MAET Coursework Page

In this section you will list all 3 years of MAET courses and major assignments completed for each year.  You should provide a short description about each year, and what your major “take aways” from that year were.  Here is the official course listings:

Classroom/Project Portfolio

This section is to be used to showcase projects you have been involved with for either your classroom or any other educational technology related project.  (Work worth saving would go great here).

Vision of Teaching and Learning

You will have 2-3 paragraphs outlining what you see as the future of education based on our readings, your experience, and you imagination :)

Synthesis (AKA Ignite Rouen)

You will create an Ignite Rouen presentation covering a synthesis of your time in the MAET program to be included in your PDA.  You may create or add any amount of additional information.



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  1. Alyssia says:

    The 7th link is no longer working. This is the newer version:

  2. Miguel says:

    I will use this website I already work on, provided that I’m able to edit it on Dreamweaver. If not, I will have to start an iWeb webiste.

  3. Katie Shefren says:

    This is only Katie’s site, not Fiona’s.

  4. Cathy says:

    I’ll be using the location of my original portfolio site:

  5. Katie Shefren says:

    I have changed from WordPress to Weebly for my PDA. Use this site- Sorry!