Photoshop 201 – Tools and Layers

In the second Photoshop Lab (201) we will continue to look closer at the tools and functionality of Photoshop. Using your knowledge from the first Lab, we will build upon the basics to gain a better understanding of how to use some of the tools. This Lab should take approximately 40 minutes to view.

Improved Selecting and Masking
Select soft edges and areas of fine detail by using the improved Refine Edge and Refine Mask dialog boxes. View underlying layers to create realistic composites, and finesse selections by using refinement brushes.

Refining Selection Edges
Precisely preview and adjust difficult selections. Output your results to a new layer, mask, or document to creatively combine the selection with new backgrounds.

Arranging Layers
Learn the basics about flexibly organizing and positioning image elements.

Choosing Colors with Eyedropper Tool
Understand the key sampling options to choose paint and fill colors quickly.

Using the History Brush
Apply radical effects, and then precisely paint selected areas back to their original appearance.

Creatively Mixing Layers with Blend Modes
Quickly produce visual effects ranging from artistic to realistic.

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