The Lab section is intended to host a variety of different labs that will help getting hands on understanding of different tools that you can use edit and create digital material such as images, and video.  These Labs are intended to reach a wide audience, from those who have experience with the tools and those who are learning it for the first time.  The Labs are intended to be self paced so you can move through them at the speed you are comfortable with.  At anytime you can refer to these Labs for a peak at whats coming up, or as a refresher of all the tools and options.


MAET Year 3 Tech Labs:

Film Labs

These Labs are aimed at providing short tutorial videos that will help guide you through some of the tools and techniques of the video production process.  These Labs are not intended to give you a complete understanding of the tools and techniques, but a solid foundation to get you started as a base upon which you can build your own skills.

iMove 101 – The Basics

Importing Video

Creating a new project

Adding Video to a Project

Adding Titles to your Movie

Using Transitions in your Movie

Adding Background Music (Audio Tracks)

Sharing your video (Rendering, Exporting and Publishing)


iMovie 201 – Enhanced Features

Adding Pictures to your Movie

Creating Movie Trailers (Hollywood style)

Organizing your project (makes browsing easier)

Adding a Theme to your Movie

Creating Picture in Picture (PIP) in Movie

Adding Video Effects


iMovie 301 – Advanced Features

Adding Sound Effects and other Audio

Cropping and re-framing video

Video Speed Control (Slow down, speed up video)

Video Stabilization (Remove Camera shake)

Trimming Edits between clips


Premiere Labs

The Premiere Labs are intended to give you a basic foundation of the tools and techniques available for use.  This application is a large professional industry application that has many powerful tools, and can be used in conjunction with many other media application tools like Photoshop, Encore and After Effects.

Premiere 401 – Getting Started

What is Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Workflow

Understanding Pixel Ratio (Distortion)

Importing Files into Premiere Pro

Creating a Rough Cut

Exporting Still Frames

Applying Transitions

Creating Titles


Premiere 501 – Enhanced / Advanced Tools

Adding Ambient Sound

Exporting Sequences (Render and Publishing)

Understanding the Script-to-Screen Workflow

Improved Editing Efficiencies

Creating a Green Screen Ultra Key

Exporting with Adobe Media Encoder


Photoshop  Labs

In these Labs we will be exploring the tools and functionality of Adobe Photoshop, an industry wide leader in image and graphic design.  Photoshop is a highly complex tool with many features and capabilities that are outside of the scope of this course, but feel free to continue learning and exploring on your own.  These Labs are not intended to give you a complete understanding of the tool, but a solid foundation to get you started as a base upon which you can build your own skills.

Photoshop 101 – Getting Started (approx runtime 35 min)

What is Photoshop CS5?


Straightening Images

Correcting Perspective / Crop Tool

Using the Marquee and Lasso Selection Tool

Intro to Adjustment Layers

Non-Destructive Transformations

Warping Images


Photoshop 201 – Tools and Layers (approx. runtime 40 min)

Improved Selecting and Masking

Refining Selection Edges

Arranging Layers

Choosing Colors with Eyedropper Tool

Using the History Brush

Creatively Mixing Layers with Blend Modes


Photoshop 301 – Advanced Tools and Techniques (approx runtime 37 min)

Content Aware Filling and Healing

Tinting a Photo

Saturating Selectively with Vibrance

Creative Sepia Tones

Focussing the Eye with Lens Blur

Photo Effects

Fine Tuning Filters


For additional tutorials and learning opportunities you can visit the Adobe TV website that contains many more training videos.




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