Professional development: modern literacies

Gitane New Literacies screen shot

Topic: Modern literacies
Grade Level: Professional development
CMS: Upgrade – A Learning Management System
Instructional Paradigm: Hybrid
Created By: Gitane Reveilleau
Year: Fall 2014
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The American Civil War

Kuhn American Civil War screen shot

Topic: The American Civil War: Perspectives and Culture
Grade Level: Middle school
CMS: Haiku
Created By: Abigail Kuhn
Year: Fall 2014

English at Parkside

ssTopic: 4th grade English Language Learners nonfiction text features

Grade Level: Elementary

CMS: Schoology

Instructional Paradigm: Hybrid

Created By: Sara Galbreath

Year: Fall 2013


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Jazz for 4th Graders

Haiku_ScreenshotTopic: Jazz for 4th Graders                                                                                            Grade Level: Elementary                                                                                                CMS: Haiku                                                                                                       Instructional Paradigm: Hybrid                                                                               Created By: Emily Strazzinski                                                                                          Year: Fall 2013



4th Grade Blended Science

Screenshot2Topic: Science                                                                                                            Grade Level: Elementary                                                                                                 CMS: Weebly                                                                                                      Instructional Paradigm: Hybrid                                                                            Created By: Edith Erickson                                                                                             Year: Fall 2013                                                                                                                 URL:                                                                        Reflection:

Mr. Lachance’s Junior High Health Orbit




Topic: Health
Grade Level: Junior High
CMS: Weebly
Instructional Paradigm: Fully Online
Created by: Marc LaChance
Year: 2013

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Digital Citizenship


Topic: Digital Citizenship. The first three lessons included here cover online responsibilities to self, family/friends, and community; sharing and guarding personal information; and the power of words and cyberbullying.

Grade level: 4th
CMS: Course Sites
Instructional Paradigm: Online
Created by: Liat Rothfeld
Year: 2013

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